India Fest Booth Information

Regular Booth – 10 x 10 ft with a table 8 x 2 ft and 2 chairs

Premium Booth – Regular Booth with openings on two sides  and higher back drop

Food booth – 20 x 20 ft with two 8 x 2 ft  and 2 chairs

Commercial – Engaged in business or commerce that charge customers at the event

  • Merchandise –  Booth that sell good, example – Boutiques, Jeweler
  • Service –  Get paid at the event for service provided, example –  Henna, make up or business that accept payments for any service/membership

Non Commercial – Business that are not intended to make profit at the event

  • Information – Provide information about an entity/business  example – Temple, 
  • Business Promotion – Booth that display brochures/information and demonstrate products but do not accept any payments , example Kumon, Math Monkey, Realtor, Insurance

Book Commercial Booth

Book Non Commercial Booth

Application and Contract ​“India Fest 2019​”


  • Vendors will be provided approximately 10’ X 10’ Regular booth cordoned through a drape off 
  • Each booth will have ONE skirted table with two chairs. Should you require additional tables or chairs please indicate this on the application forms. (Additional Charges Apply)
  • Vendors will not be permitted to bring their own tables or chairs
  • All additional items required must be indicated on the application form since we cannot accommodate such requests on the day of the event 
  • Vendor may bring their own banner for advertising however please be aware that the booth height is 8′ so the banner taller than 6’ will not be permitted. 
  • Vendor will also be responsible for installation of such banners and in a manner not to puncture or mutilate the   structure of the booth. 


  • To determine your electrical needs, please provide a list of equipment that you plan to use during the event and no. of Amps and volts required for operating each piece of equipment. 
  • For each power unit use appliances as per the Amp and power ratings of your electrical equipment need for their operation 
  • In order to prevent any tripped circuits due to extra appliances plugged in multiple power strips, please ensure only the recommended number of appliances are plugged in 
  • This detail has to be provided at the time of application


  • Vendor has ultimate responsibility in the event any damage occurs and bear the cost of any damage 
  • Vendors must list products or services they are planning to sell or promote. This is very important since IAKC is trying to promote any and all things relating to Indian culture 
  • Vendors are strictly prohibited from “Sub L easing” the booth. If IAKC determines that a booth has been sub leased, the vendor will be asked to vacate the booth immediately
  • Under no circumstances any vendor will be allowed to serve any beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, including water, Bottled or non-bottled 
  • Please note that IAKC cannot refund or return the rental money due to an act of God or unfavorable weather conditions. In the event of any service outages, please be patient and be assured that the India Fest committee members are working hard to restore normal conditions 
  • The food selling vendors must have valid license to sell food. 
  • The food selling vendors have to submit a separate application to OP City for obtaining temporary food license. The cost for this is $10 only. 
  • No Helium Balloons allowed – any removal charges (for balloons stuck on the ceiling) by the Convention Center   will be passed on to the Vendor. 
  • If your application is not approved any money including deposit will be returned to you by​ August 7th, 2019​. If your application is approved and you need to cancel your booth reservation, No refund will be provided of the  rental agreement if cancellation is received after ​August 7th 2019​.